Max temperature athlon II dual core M300



i ran Speed Fan and my cores at 144 F.

this is bad right?
62.222 C. Is this on idle or load?

I don't know what the thermal limit of this CPU is, but I do know that mobile processors are usually designed to withstand more heat. The thermal limit of my Athlon 64 x2 is 100C. Unfortunately, due to bad cooling design, it regularly hits 90C on full load. I solved this by undervolting and it only hits 80C max now. It idled 50-60C before and now it idles 40-50C

If this is idle temperature, this is hot but not dangerous. What I am more worried about is what your load temperatures could be. run prime95 on your laptop and report the temperature it hits. We cant take it from there. Knowing your laptop brand and model would be useful to.

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