Question Maxed out GPU Usage and Game stuttering


Oct 27, 2017
Hello everyone!

Recently every game i play has stuttering problems. When looking at my performance in task manager, i noticed my GPU usage (1080ti) is always maxed out or stuck above 90% when playing any game. I have already used Display Driver Uninstaller to make sure it wasn't an Nvidia Driver update that caused the issue. Even after a fresh driver install the issue persists. My CPU usage never exceeds more than 60% (i7 8700k). I am not overclocking the CPU or GPU. This only recently started happening. The stranger thing is that the games play better when i stop playing them on windowed fullscreen and play them in fullscreen mode. My frames do not drop at all yet i get major stuttering in windows fullscreen, and less stuttering in fullscreen, but its still noticeable. But this was never an issue until recently. I play in windows fullscreen because i have a 3 monitor setup. Ive read that some people say its good that your GPU is maxed because youre getting the full perfomance out of it. But on my other computer that has a 1060, it never passes 70% Usage when playing a game like Apex Champions, yet my 1080ti hits 98% to max usage playing Apex Champions. That does not make any sense. Someone please help!

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