Question Maximize the gaming performance on my laptop ?

Apr 6, 2020
Hello ,
I have an HP pavillion gaming laptop , it has an i7 9750H , and a Nvidia geforce gtx 1650 4gb graphics card. And 8 gigs of RAM with a 144hz display.

I want to maximize the gaming performance of this laptop. You can also suggest any parts that I can buy unless it's not too expensive :) .

And one more thing the place where I live is hot. So the temperature even in idle reaches 50 degrees Celsius . So yeah. How can I maximize the performance and reduce the temperature?
Apr 27, 2020
You can start with keeping your laptop cool.
There are some laptop base coolers with cost like $15-20 only. You know, it provides a stage for yout laptop, on which you keep your laptop.
The cooler has fans which boost the exhaust.


Feb 25, 2020
(Non invasive ways)
1. Go to nvidia control panel and under "manage 3d settings" select the games you play, for each game set power management mode to prefer maximum performance, apply. Also try if you can tweak fan speed in programs like omen command center or bios, try to use 100% fan speed when max load.

2. Buy "kootek Laptop cooling pad 12 to 17 inch" this exact 5 fan model , i have experience with cooling pads and this is best from them. Some laptops however dont benefit even from this one, it depends but all models i tried it with it helped.

3. Undervolting: i7 9750H running in a laptop => guaranteed temperature throttling. Best way would be obviously to run at the default voltages and clockspeeds what is "guaranteed" by the manufactor but this is mostly not possible since these chips run hot. First run benchmark and stresstest with xtu with default settings, then start tweaking :

You need to test gains in temperature drop and benchmarks to see what suits you most.

4. Use highest wattage supported power adapter for your HP model

5. Overclocking your GPU slightly with MSI afterburner

(invasive ways might void warranty, 1. is safe if made correct but rest needs more knowledge)
1. Repasting your laptops gpu and cpu with either non conductive thermal paste or conductive liquid metal.
If you go this route i would suggest using best thermal paste which is non conductive and gives still good results its "thermal grizzly kryonaut"
  1. modifying the case , adding more air holes to the plastic covers for better airflow
  2. adding thermal pads and thermal heatsinks for non cooled chips and ram, transfering heat from the motheboard to the back / front cover.