Maximized or Enhanced Caching?


May 27, 2009
I just built a Z68 system with an i5 2500k and a 64 GB Crucial M4 (410/95) and was wondering exactly how much risk there is in running SRT in "Maximized" mode. I have read that it uses delayed syncing between the SSD and HDD, but I'm not really clear on what data is stored in a cache. Let's say the SSD just stops working before it re-syncs, what would be lost? Would my Windows 7 install still be usable?

Thanks for any help or useful links. I just really don't know how scared I should be. Would regular backups reduce risk?
FWIW: I trust an SSD in a laptop, not sure why you wouldn't trust it in a your home server. I also use a write-cache in my raid-0 array at home (I do have UPS) so any crash could potentially lost me data. Clearly I don't care about data on the home server. The laptop has two levels of backup -- usb external and mirroring to another server.

For data you really need, suggest a good nightly backup to USB attached drive. Then you always have the data. That's more apt to save you than using enhanced mode vs. maximized for your SSD.

HOWEVER: The benchmark data in this article says that there's not much difference between enhanced and maximized except for unusual benchmark cases: