Maximum V Gene getting A2 with SATA drive


May 31, 2012
We have everything installed and LED indicators show power everywhere.

Dumb question but does this micro-ATX have its own on-board video? The box is elsewhere right now.

We tried a SATA2 cable instead of a SATA3 but that did not help.

We can't get into the BIOS and my bet is that the BIOS setting for the hard drive is incorrect.

However, my son (25) who is building the machine says that the only way he can connect to the monitor is HDMI and we are getting no visual output. Also, his keyboard is lighting up kind of late so wondering if we are trying to get into the BIOS after the period when it is allowed?

I thought HDMI relied on drivers on the HD but I must be wrong, right? I could understand why no video if there are no drivers to display the video; or is the motherboard's on board video HDMI?

Sorry for all the questions. The son just passed his national certification as a lab technician and this box plus Diablo III were to be his graduation present.

Any help, GREATLY appreciated.

This old vet is simply out of ideas.


Yes, the Maximus V Gene supports on-board graphics but I believe (not 100% certain) that your cpu has to support the option as well. What model cpu do you have?

SATA cables have nothing to do with your video not working.

Even if you have no drives connected you should still be able to get into BIOS.

Do you have any spare HDMI cables? From a Blu-ray player, HDTV, or game system?
Try a different HDMI cable to see if that is the issue.

Drivers are not needed at the motherboard BIOS level; they are needed at the Operating System (Windows, Linux, etc.) level.

Do you have a spare graphics card with HDMI output? If so, use that instead of the on-board graphics.