Maximus Formula SE - Power Off Issue


Nov 24, 2007
Since the first time i tested this board, i found that everytime i shut down my computer, it powers itself back on automatically for 5 seconds and then powers off again for good. I've tried looking at different BIOS settings but no luck. This is getting annoying.. Has anyone else have had this problem before?

I tried contacting Asus support but they don't seem to care much, they keep telling me to make sure everything's seated properly.. (which it is..)

Any ideas would help :cry:
Can only tell you ASUS boards have been 'doing' this since at least the 965P boards. I believe it's normal, but I don't know exactly why the board does this as you describe. I have found if I overclock my system the board is more prone to do this. Anyone have an explanation/clarification?