Dec 6, 2007
I'm not sure if this is the right forum part.

I recently installed a Maximus formula without rebooting my windows xp
And overclocked using the cpu level up to a E6850 from my E6700 and now some games are randomly freezing. Do I need to reboot the pc?


Jan 2, 2008
I'm not sure if I understand that completely, but if you've just installed a new motherboard, you might want to do a fresh install as it seems you've installed a new processor aswell, maybe?

Fresh installs often fix these issues, but if it continues you might need to downclock to a more stable level and check your memory settings, make sure it's not working too hard.
I recently installed a Maximus formula without rebooting my windows xp
Maximus formula, as in Asus Maximus Formula, the motherboard?

I trust you mean without "re-installing" your XP, instead of "rebooting" LOL.

Sorry dude but your post is not clear. You installed a new MOBO and overclocked the CPU? Correct? Back off the overclock and see if it still freezes up. If not then uninstall and reinstall your video card drivers.

If this doesn't help then reboot, . . . er, reinstall XP, fresh


Jul 7, 2007
I would love to see someone change out a MoBo with no rebooting. That would kick ass!

Always do a fresh install when you change out Mobo's. I had an Asus P5W DH delux get burned by a bad PSU. Asus was nice enough to let me RMA it with no cost to me. I love Asus! When I got the new one back, things didn't quite work right. I reinstalled windows and it is all good. Reinstall. It will server you well. And when you are reistalling, put your system specs back to default. You wouldn't want to risk stability durring an instal.