Maximus IV Extreme Post Code 00 on Power Up


Sep 20, 2011

Hardware Summary:
CPU: i7-2600K (Quad w Hyperthreading)
CPU Fan: ThermalTake CLP0575 (2x130mm)
MotherBoard: Maximus IV Extreme B3
Boot Disk: PNY P-SSD2S064GB-CT01RB (4xRaid 5)
Hard Disk: Seagate ST2000DL003 (1x2TB)
RAM: Corsair CT2KIT51264BA1339 (4x4GB)
Video: Radeon HD 6770 ( 2xDVI in PCI Express x16 slot)
DVD/CD RW: Plextor PX-L89SA SW
Power Supply: VisionTek 900349 (800W)
Case: Cooler Master RC-534-KKN2-GP
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate with XP Compatibility Mode

I just built the above PC in a Black ATX Mid Tower case. On power up the motherboard immediately displays a post code=00, and nothing else happens. To progress beyond this point, I resort to clearing the CMOS which takes me to the BIOS. In the BIOS (which has been reset by clearing the CMOS, I change only one thing: The Sata mode is changed to RAID. Then I save, exit, reset, and the system boots to Windows (in about 17ish seconds). From this point the system seems stable. If I reboot, the reboot is OK, and I get back into Windows 7. If I shutdown, then power back up, I am right back where I started with a post code of 00.

Do I have a faulty motherboard, or am I missing something in the BIOS that could fix this?



Jan 7, 2012
i have the same setup is;
intel 2700k + cm v10
asus maximus iv extreme
silverstone 1200w strider gold
ocz agt3-25sat3-240g
gigabyte gtx590 ddr5 3gb

i search around and look at what i found

i have already contacted my supplier, n seems like when he tested this system, there was no problem. i have try to turn the ln2 switch off, change my gpu to other pcie16 slots, remove the battery with no success.. :cry:

the supplier which is 2hrs flight from my home asked me to go to the local pc retailer, let see what they will find.. will update..