Question Maximus x formula MB Temperature Error

May 31, 2019

I'm new here first post, was hoping someone could help me out with this issue, I've searched and can not find any threads with this issue, I hope I'm not the first.

So I had to completely clean my loop thoroughly. Took everything apart cleaned and put everything back together last night but it continues to post and then go to an error screen that reads MB TEMPERATURE ERROR! it shows that twice then tells me to run setup. System was working perfectly fine before I tore it down. I was able to do boot override and it booted to os but the CPU is stuck at 800mhz and with any instruction set it does not change. While in bios the bios seems a bit glitchy as everything takes longer to load and the mouse seems to be skipping. Also in the bios under monitor the bios thinks the water in sensor is at 117c and water out sensor is 106c but nothing is plugged into those headers. All other temperatures are normal.

What I've done so far,
Reseated CPU, ram, both GPUs
Cleard cmos 4 times
Bios flash to 1901
Removed OC

Delid LM 8700k
Asus rog maximus x formula
2 1080tis both LM
Full dual loop open loop water cooling all EK
Boot ssd 960 evo
Game file ssd crucial 1tb

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.