Maximus XI Extreme vs Formula vs Code vs Hero


Dec 6, 2007

I know there are multiple similar threads on the internet, and I must have read them all. However, I still cannot get a definite grip on what are the exact differences between these boards.

I want a board that will be put into a Meshify C case together with i9-9900k, 4x8Gb and RTX 2080 Ti eventually. Storage wise I'm going for 1x 970 PRO + 2x 970 EVOs. I'm not gonna do any crazy overclocking, nor watercooling, nor any RGB stuff, nothing fancy. I just want a MB which is best of the best regarding voltage regulation, component quality etc. My last built PC is still running 24/7 after 9 years, so I want this to be the same.

I don't care about the additional LAN chipset in Extreme/Formula, I don't have that speed cabling in the house.

What I also want is as many FAN headers as possible, which would also be PWM so that I can configure and monitor my case airflow the way I want.

From what I gather, only Extreme has DIMM.2 card which enables more than 2 nvme cards? It seems to also be the only one having fan extension card.

And here is where my understanding ends. The comparison at the ASUS site does not detail component differences, VRM phase count etc.

Can someone please help me pick a MB?



If we look at your thread's title, the highest quality board is on the far left while the lowest quality board is to the far right. So if you're looking for VRM count, that will be highest on the Extreme and gradually works down as you go lower down the pecking order.

Fan headers will be the most on the Extreme but you can easily work with PWM fan hubs/splitters to offset the need of fan headers littering the board's real estate. Please explain what you want to know that falls into the category of etc....?

You also haven't stated your budget since the lack of any budget will mean you automatically pick the Extreme. A budget will help guide us in the short list/picking one out of the four.