Maxpayne 3, black textures, very low drawdistance


Aug 11, 2012
here is a screen shot of what MP3 looks on my core2duo 2.4ghz, 7950go GTX 512mb, 4 GB RAM, win 7 ultimate 64 bit

any suggestions for a resolution?
theres not a lot you can do the 7950 is pretty old now. it was top dog about 5 years ago but now it barley scrapes minimum settings and is below minimum for some dx10 only games. max 3 does like dx10 and 11 but will work on dx9. the problem is your card doesnt support things like horizon based ambient occlusion and its to weak to run tesselation (yep the 7950 did support tessellation but it was disabled due to the required overhead)
i would say box it up and invest in a new gfx card. its unlikely you will need a new psu as the 7950 was a bit of a watt muncher so what you have now should be enough for something like a 560ti or hd 7870 both are a fair bit more powerful than your current card and both use less power. £130-£150 should cover it...
the system will be gfx heavy though so if you want to play games like bf3 at some point you will have to upgrade the cpu... for a 775 board the 8300 or 8400 is the cheapest most cost effective oiption at £110 and should be ok for at least another 2 years.

as for the actual issue theres not a lot that can be done im afraid. its down to the drivers and ati stopped producing new drivers for that card about 2 years back. they have recently stopped there monthly roll outs for all cards. and discontinued support for a lot of older cards like the 2600pro so unless you can find some tweaked older drivers at say guru3d i think you may be out of luck...
btw the draw distance problem is cause because you only have 512mb ram on the card. there is little you can do about this other than freeing up memory by turning down other settings.