Maxtor drive clicking - conflicting opinions and need some clarity


Aug 4, 2015
Hi All,

I have a 160GB Maxtor DiamondMax 9 Plus IDE drive that has been sitting around for ages. I wanted to run it through recovery software to see if anything was left on the drive. I went to connect it to my PC via IDE to USB adapter and had some issues. The PC recognizes the drive, and there are even a few partitions. When I tried to do a search with the software, the drive clicks steadily once a second like it has a bad head or something. The software lags out waiting to search the drive.

So I have seen some advice where this may be a firmware or logic board failure and also watched plenty of YouTube videos of people doing it with success. In this case, I have the skills to change out the board with a donor. Problem is, I have also read that specifically: if the hard drive is clicking and it CAN be read by the PC, its a physical problem inside the HD, and swapping boards wont fix it.

This is clearly conflicting information and would like to get your opinion on what you think my drive's issue is. I am not confident enough to send it to a recovery company (and neither do I want to pay $600+ for data I am not sure even exists), so please refrain from suggesting it. Thanks!

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