Jul 18, 2020
To start off the specs are: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bxjFV7 with a 500w psu.

The pc is a new build and ran fine yesterday until the gpu crashed in a low performance setting (displaying on 2 monitors, 1 running a youtube video in 1080). Before that, I didn't notice any gpu struggles. However, the pc was only ran for about 5 hours in total.

The screen froze then went to black, the signal eventually dropping, with the pc still on but the motherboard consistently beeping.

I removed the gpu, hit the power button, and the beeping was no longer there. I reinserted it and the beeping began again. I then inserted an older graphics card I had lying around and that card displayed with no beeping.

So is it safe to say it's in fact the graphics card at fault? I'm not sure what could've caused this problem and if there's any real troubleshooting solution. Might have to resolve by contacting evga for repair or replacement?

EDIT: wanted to note that the fans on the card still work and the case is cooled.