Question Maybe SSD not working

Apr 17, 2021
So 2 days before my laptop suddenly get blue screen and shut down and when i try to start it again its cant start so after some try i find coz of my ram laptop not start so i bought HyperX 2667mhz ram 8gb i knw that my laptop only support 2400mhz but people saying in feedback if your laptop not support 2667mhz then it will downclock 2400mhz so i bought it and put in my laptop and startmy laptop again and wtf?? Its still same blue screen after window logo so that time i m very panic so i was thinking maybe my laptop not support hyperX and then i try to install new windows from my portable pendrive but when i try to boot my pendrive its cant boot and still get that same blue screen error so after that i am think why should not i try to remove ssd (Samsung 860 evo 250gb m.2) and try to boot my pendrive which have window 10 and that tum pendrive easily boot and i installed os in hdd without issue and check ram is working properly but one issue i see my ram downclock at 2133 which i dont expect but its ok coz ram now running on 2133 cl12 which almost good so now again i try to insert ssd again and start my laptop and then i see its again blue screen error wtf?? And the i removed its again loaading windows without issue so what i expect ? My ssd currupt or damaged ? I bought it just 2 month ego please i am very panic any way to fix this ssd by format or clean

What error i got ????


what failed: Ntfs.sys