MB suggestions please with onboard raid.


Nov 12, 2006

I am building a new box and am stuck on choosing the motherboard and PSU.

The rest of the set up is

640MB Gigabyte 8800GTS
e6600 core 2 duo
2x 1GB corsair ram
3x 320GB HO in a raid 5 array
case ? something that will hold 5 drives
PSU ? 550w

I am looking for a MB that has raid 5 onboard and hopefully there is one out there that has 2 raid controllers. One to support a raid 0 array for the OS and a second controller for the raid 5 'data' drive. Not sure if this exists but I can vaguely remember reading something about this in the past. Otherwise i will use a raptor HD for the os and raid 5 for the data.

I have used gigabyte MB for the last two builds and have very happy so would be happy to stick with them and have been thinking about ASUS as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated. And advice on case and PSU if you can.




Feb 16, 2003
I'd start here. It'll give you a run down on what southbridges do what and how well thay do it. I don't run a RAID, so i can't comment on if they will do a 0+5 at the same time, tho I'm sure someone in the forum knows the answer. Here is a good place to get an idea of how much power you will need.