Question MB Z370-A PRO not detecting GPU in PCI 16x.

May 19, 2019
I am new to building PC's and so far have only dealt with 3 builds. In any case, please do not exclude some out of the obvious things that I could have made a mistake in but also acknowledge the fact that I have roamed around the internet for past 5 hours on various forums looking for the problem solution.

The computer is rather new. Here are the specs:
MB: Z370-A PRO
GPU: GTX 1070 ITX MINI 8GD (Not sure if this is important, but the GPU is extracted from GTX AORUS GAMING BOX. May have a difference, I dunno)
CPU: i5 8400 (2.8GHZ)
256GB SSD (Windows on it)
BIOS VERSION: 7B48v29 (Freshest one from the official website)
Windows 10 X64

Problem: As specified in the specs above, I had a useless AORUS GTX 1070 lying around which was given to me by my friend since his laptop didn't support Thunderbolt 3. So I ended up disassembling it and extracting the GPU (GTX 1070 ITX MINI 8GD). Everything seemingly went well, until I decided to struck that GPU up a new MB that I recently got (Z370-A PRO). That is when I was not really happy, finding out that the BIOS does not detect the GPU itself. So here is what I have tried to do so far.

  1. Resetting CMOS by removing the Li battery, since I did not have a clamp for a proper reset.
  2. Updating all drivers from official programs (MSI Live Update 6)
  3. Updating/downgrading BIOS from the website.
  4. Reinstalling Windows, alongside with formatting disks.
  5. Cleaning the PCI ports on both the PCI x16 and the GPU.
  6. Installing the GPU drivers (did not go well, since the setup app kept saying that it did not find compatible hardware)
What I have double/triple checked on:
  1. Everything is connected.
  2. MB 8x power pin is in place.
  3. All the chipset/other drivers are up to date.
  4. There are only 2 PCI ports for the GPU. One is X16 and another one is X4 iirc. I have tested on both of them - neither worked.
  5. The CPU is compatible, checked on official website.
Various information:
  1. This is the first time the GPU is being used.
  2. Under the PCI port that the GPU is currently on there is something written: "MS-7B48 Ver 1.1". Not exactly sure what that means.
  3. There are no metallic objects touching the MB which could cause shortage in some places of it.
  4. The GPU is powered as well. (8X)
  5. The GPU fan is spinning.
  6. The GPU does not give out any signal from the HDMI when connected to it.
  7. I CANNOT install any drivers for the GPU to solve the problem above.
  8. I am using a DisplayPort-HDMI adapter for MB-Monitor, since the MB does not have an HDMI port.
  9. Notice that the Windows itself does not see the GPU as well, since the MB does not see it.
Yeah I think I am done so far. I have not yet tested on the physical integrity, but they HAVE to be fine since they are brand-new.
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May 19, 2019
test the gpu on another working system?
test another gpu on this system?
I have yet not tried to test it on a new MB, but I just struck up my fairly new GTX 1060 PALIT up there and it seemes to be working. Not sure what could have caused that thing with GTX 1070.