Mbd/Cpu/Ram question


Aug 16, 2007
I'm asking because I already have some ram and figured I would be able to save some money.

I am looking at an Asus P5N32-E and either a E6750 or E6550 CPU but I am not sure if the RAM that I have will be a match for it. I currently have 4GB of PC2-3200 RAM. I know the P5N is reccomended to run PC2800 and this is a bit slower.

Will it function, should I look at a lesser CPU w/ less FSB speed ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

PC3200 is DDR. You need DDR2. You might check with your RAM mfg. website concerning your RAM's exact specifications. There is no PC3200 DDR2. You may be listing it wrong on your post.