Question MBP Late 2011 fault

May 1, 2019
My MacBookPro 17Inch is late 2011

After much trouble with previous drive only booting as far as login, I decided to upgrade to a Samsung 500Gb SSD.
Did a fresh install of Lion then upgraded to ElCapitan.
All was well, for a few days, when I started getting the same problem, only going as far as login then gray screen.
I then replaced the sata cable for the drive as I read that this can breakdown sometimes.
All was well for a few day then the same problem as before.
So I then cleaned the drive with disk utility and installed ElCapitan from USB.
Still no improvement.
It works for a few bootups then stalls.
Any advice appreciated
Check if the SSD has a firmware update. Perform that update from a Windows or Linux computer. Some Samsung SSD have compatibility issues with macOS. At least I know they released a patch for compatibility issues with the 970 Evo Plus.

Run the Apple Hardware Test.

Is this an issue with just a clean install? Is it something which occurs only after restoring from Time Machine, Backup, &c or installing software?

Try just one RAM module installed. If it still occurs. Try with just the other module.
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