MBR on wrong disk / wrong "version" to repair


Apr 19, 2012
I have a dual boot Win7/Ubuntu system.

When installing Ubuntu, my MBR got messed up.

Windows repaired it, but put the MBR on the wrong drive. Now my backup drive is a "System" drive and can't be used for backups.

I thought I'd unplug the backup drive, and run Repair off the DVD to change the MBR.

But the DVD says that I have the "wrong version of Windows" to repair.

So I have an MBR on the wrong HD (it needs to be on /dev/sdc1, but it is on /dev/sda1.

I cannot repair the MBR, because my installation DVD says it is the wrong version.

My Windows System Repair disk (made when I backed up Windows after install) also says Windows is the wrong version.

Advice on wrong MBR usually orients around using the Repair tools to repair the MBR, but in this case, I can't use the Repair tool. So what's next?


I'm guessing that the repair disk is trying to create an MBR for ubuntu. I personally would use the GRUB bootloader as it is easier to setup. If you are unable to boot ubuntu, insert the live cd and search how to install "ubuntu GRUB bootloader" Just to be on the safe side, I would unplug your other drive and install GRUB on your primary drive. About your other drive, you will have to format it. So backup all your data on your backup drive and format it on ubuntu. Again, unplug your primary drive just to be safe. If that doesn't work, use DBAN to overwrite your backup drive to erease everything on it.