MCE and MTV's Overdrive/Comedy Central's Motherload


Mar 22, 2006
OK, Last night I decided I wanted to watch a little overdrive on through Media Center, however, when i go to view it, I get an error about my flash player is not up to date and it gives me a link to (adobe's web) download the correct one, so I do this for both IE and Firefox, but I continue to get the same error, I tried with Comedy Central and I got the same error. So then I reboot and still get the same error screen, I even tried to update it 3 times ll the same answer. Plz hlp

You have to uninstall it using Adobe's uninstaller, then reinstall it. Pain in the ass, I know... but I've had to do it at least twice on my comp at home. Don't know why. When going to the page, it says it's installed, but for some reason other pages with flash content can't detect it.