Question MD72-HB2 motherboard stuck at "Start DXE Core… " after updating the BIOS ?

Sep 16, 2022
Dear Hardware fellows, I am asking for your help.
I updated the BIOS of my Gigabyte MD72-HB2, Intel Xeon Dual Scalable v3, So. 4189 using the AMI Firmware Update tool and something went wrong.
During the boot, it now gets stuck at “Start DXE Core…” Error code: 60 (right lower corner), even with graphics card, RAM etc. already removed.

Now I would like to flash a working BIOS on the mainboard, but I am unsure how to do it.
I prepared a USB stick according to the Gigabyte website (
There is a BIOS_RCVR DIP switch, whose function is however not explained in detail in the manual.
But extrapolating from other mainboard manuals, the system should try to boot using the USB stick and then one could flash the new BIOS.

However, when I insert the USB stick and boot, the machine gets stuck with "Please wait into BIOS Recovery.....".
It might be, that the structure of the stick is incorrect, or something else which I have overlooked...

I would be grateful if you could give me any insight into how to flash a new BIOS onto this motherboard!