Question MDT Task Sequence not resuming after first reboot after OS install


Aug 13, 2016
I am building a new image (Windows 10 1909) to be captured and deployed by our MDT Server. After I PXE and choose the task sequence I wish to deploy It will install drivers, and the OS. After the OS installs the PC will reboot and auto login as Administrator. Here the task sequence should pick back up and continue. Nothing happens though. The Task Sequence does not resume, it just sits there.

The way I am getting the image is using a VM. I set whatever settings I am looking for and use sysprep to reboot into OOBE and then I capture the image from there using LiteTouch. Since the only thing changing is the .wim I just copied over the Task Sequence from a different deployment and changed the .wim. Thinking there was an issue with copying that over I created a new Task Sequence from scratch. I still get the same issue. I tried changing the .wim in the task sequence i know that works and still had the same issue. I pulled logs from the server and from the PC being imaged. No errors in the logs from either. I thought I might not have given network enough time to connect so i put a delay in the task sequence to give it enough time to connect. still not resuming. I checked google and saw some people having the same issue and suggested adding HideSHELL=YES to the task sequence. That did not work. I saw another page that suggested changing the FilterAdministrationToken in Regedit. That did not work. I am at a loss. I am new to MDT so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong when capturing the image or what the deal is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Win 10 Master