Question Me New Hardware Rig - Radeon 5700XT meet MSI MEG 377 Creation

Sep 16, 2019

I am Sam. I recently bought a custom computer setup, it beaut.

I installed everything correctly but seem to be facing some problems with me graphics card drivers.

I have installed a Radeon 5770XT on a MSI MEG X399 motherboard. I have two monitors, an old one, (see: Phillips. She work always. Probable.) and a newer model, she hot but bit broke: AOC. The old lady works but the broke one doesn't appear in me device manager. When I install the drivers, the new one appears, she on. However instant I do so (she on), nothing opens, see: program, location: taskbar. It stay. Following reset, she black. Both. Screens I mean. Nothing. Displayed. Still hear audio.
I tried reading recommendations online. I read that if I change me PCIe from GEN4 to GEN3 she work. No option for it. I tried changing to 16, as denoted is the correct hardware specification. Same problem as before. Black. (Screen.)

Me very sad. She worth a mint. Please help. Fix it.

Regards, Samuel
P.S. Other specs.
  • 2 x 8GB DDR4 Ram. Corsair.
  • AMD Threadripper 1900 CPU.
  • Corsair CPU cooler. The black one. DUP/DUC something.
  • 2 x Samsung SSD 1TB each.
  • Windows 10. Legal.
  • Old 650V PSU. He old boy. She powerful.
Sep 16, 2019
Actually, team, I closed it. Everything good. Except me head. For the stress she caused me. Anyway, here's how, in case it happen to another.
First, unplug the delight. By delight I mean the HDMI cable.
Next, note that there were two cables plugged. One screen.
Note that they are both HDMI and VGA.
Triple, that that the VGA plugged into a very nice adapter. She cute. She convert. To Double Penetration*.
Then, she work. Most definitely.

** DP male plug.

Love, Samuel

They recommend?