Question Me vs Seller - IPS uneven colour uniformity


Jan 15, 2016

I purchased two IPS display Monitors (hp 22f - FHD 1080p) a few days ago and unfortunately noticed that there is something wrong with color uniformity In both screens.

1. One monitor has yellowish tint on the right half of the screen.

2. Second Monitor has darker tint in the middle top and bottom section of the screen.

I went back to seller (local HP’s authorized one) and told him the issue. He turned on the monitors to check and said nothing is wrong. Even I pointed out the difference with my fingers and he said I don't see any and they refused to replace them. After insisting, they have now sent my monitors to local HP warranty claim center even though I got defected pieces already and they didn't even include my detailed remarks. (now that could take weeks)

I doubt they might reject my claim because you need good eyes to see what is the issue. I would be doing Web Designing + Video editing so I know that no designer can work with such monitors.

Please have a look at the pictures and let me know what do you guys think? Am I right? Should there be replacement immediately or HP warranty claim?

PS: I have tried updating graphics drivers, HDMI Cable, VGA cable and tested on three different sources (computers) Result is all same.

Here are the digitally enhanced photos (Photoshop).