Question Meaning of "Tamper-proof" and "Tapping process" ?


Jul 27, 2020
The idea of incorporating an integrated cirucit chip onto a plastic card was first introduced by the German engineer Helmut Grottrup.. In February 1967, Grottrup filed the patents DE1574084 and DE1574075 in West Germany for a tamper-proof identification switch based on a semiconductor device and described contactless communication via inductive coupling. Its primary use was intended to provide individual copy-protected keys for releasing the tapping process at unmanned gas stations. In September 1968, Grottrup, together with Jurgen Dethloff as an investor, filed further patents for this identification switch, first in Austria and in 1969 as subsequent applications in the United States, Great Britain, West Germany and other countries.

What is tamper-proof?
What is tapping process?

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