Question Mechanical Keyboard Failure?


Mar 2, 2017
Hello, Hardware Enthusiasts

a couple of weeks ago I acquired a mechanical "Gaming" keyboard form a local thrift store, the only problems with this one... yes "Problems" is

#1 some of the Keys are badly damaged
#2 some of the Keys are missing
#3 No Power Cable

The Keyboard is one of the CM Storm Mech Keyboards (made by CoolerMaster) or the "Aluminum Series" according to Coolermaster's Website

Keyboard Model Number: SGK-7000-MCBM1-US

all I want to is how can I get this keyboard working again and where to find replacement parts (if stuff breaks or fails) or vise virsa....


You can get cherry mx brown switches and key caps from ebay or amazon, etc. I doubt you can find the exact key caps, but they are standard and differ only in form and color.
This keyboard goes with a Detachable USB 3.0 cable: search 'mini USB to USB 3.0' for a new one, or try 'usb 3.0 keyboard cable' on ebay

As to HOW you fix it, key caps just pop off/up and are easily replaceable.
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The keycaps pop off, if the actual switches are broken you will need to take apart the keyboard and solder on the new switches. You will probably find that buying a working non-damaged keyboard is the way to go. If the switches are actually broken, it does not sound like you would be able to replace them. If you knew how to solder in new switches, you would have been able to find the parts without asking here. Of course since this thing is already bad, it won't hurt things for you to learn how do do that on it, at least you won't make a working keyboard dead, it's already bad.