Question Mechrevo X9Ti R - 9750H Processor Temps 80 at idle with 3-20% usage.


Feb 10, 2015
I recently ran into a failed battery situation with my laptop, had it replaced. Now I'm having serious thermal throttling issues with my CPU that I didn't have before. My laptop is on a cooling pad (hope that's the right term) and my GPU temps stay between 60 and 80 even while gaming.

I am aware that undervolting is a thing with these CPUs but I've had this laptop for about 6 months and never had to do it before.

Is it possible that undervolting becomes more necessary over time? Or should I have done it at the start?

The laptop is still under warranty so I am considering taking in for another look, but if this is normal (which I doubt), I'd rather just do the undervolt.

I can understand these temps while gaming, but at 20% usage this seems very excessive. I'm hitting thermal throttling and temps of 98 degrees while running DotA 2.

Also, there is a distinct difference in reported temps from the Manufacturer Software and CPUID (See Image)

EDIT: I know the throttling is happening, tested with DotA in windowed mode and task manager open. Showed clock speeds going down to 0.78GHz and DotA running at 12 fps.