Question MECHREVO X9Ti-R Series GK7CP7S BIOS Update ?


Feb 10, 2015

I bought a MECHREVO about 2 years ago in China while I was living there, thinking that during the time I lived there it would make customer support and warranty issues easier to deal with, also got more bang for my buck, or so I thought, faced many issues during the first year (a repair every 3 months during the first year until every major component had been replaced) but since then, been having a pretty smooth experience.

I do however have some questions about BIOS firmware updates.

I will preface this by saying I know very little about this so I may have some very basic questions.

The availability or accessibility of information regarding this laptop is also limited to me due to the language barrier.

I am just wondering if anyone knows of updated firmware for this laptop model?
Or is it possible to install non MECHREVO specific BIOS firmware for this motherboard?

For some added information, the current BIOS is incredibly limited in functionality. Actually looks like something from 20 years ago. I got used to a BIOS with an actual GUI and expected the same from a gaming laptop with these specs.

Check here for Imgur link to Laptop Specs.


one thing that you might've caught on is that the lower cost of the laptop meant that their design department might be non existent or that they employ a limited staff which is why you end up with a seemingly non UEFI BIOS that seems like it has limited functionality. As for your point about the laptop having limited functionality, perhaps there's a reason why the option is limited...that the board can't support it, for example overclocking is not possible since the power delivery in the laptop is sparse or sub par.

Or is it possible to install non MECHREVO specific BIOS firmware for this motherboard?
Yeah don't try that route unless you want to end up with an expensive paperweight.

There's one more thing I noticed, the OS on your platform, needs updating. We're on version 21H1. You're on 19H2, nearly 2 years old.