Media Center GPU


Jun 26, 2009
I know Media Center GPU topics seem to come up regularly but I'm having trouble finding the answer to a specific question that I have.

I am building a Media Center to watch my HD movies either from Blu Ray discs or ripped on my Samsung through my h/k receiver and am only having trouble in choosing a GPU.

I would like to find a card that has an HDMI out (w/o DVI to HDMI adaptors) and can also pass 8 channel (7.1) surround sound uncompressed (TrueHD, etc..) if that is at all possible.

I've been reading that the Radeon HD 4xxx series will pass sound through the HDMI and that it is 8 channel but can't find if it is only DTS-ES or TrueHD uncompressed. I also have seen that to get the HDMI to pass sound you have to use the DVI adaptor which doesn't make sense to me seeing as the DVI doesn't pass sound...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and as far as pricing I would like to stay under $100 but if not it is no big deal seeing as I would now be saving money on a sound card!

Thank you.