Mar 7, 2006

Im getting a new laptop - somthing like a dell 6000 - centrino 2.13
It comes with bg wireless & maybe bluetooth.

I would like windows media centre on it so i can play films/shows on my tv through my xbox 360 (as you can only do this via media centre edition)

My question is, What makes a media centre pc ?

The dell laptop is not advertised as a "media centre pc" but can you just install media centre on any laptop and the features to work (apart from watching tv on it if you dont have a tv tuner)

Basically all i would like to know is....Will a dell 6000 laptop connect ok to a xbox 360 if i install windows media centre ?

Sorry for the long post :oops:


Feb 26, 2006
Many possible adjustments (every choice has its consiquences)

Media Center PC Basic Requirements
The Microsoft FAQ for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 and Media Center PCs states the basic requirements as follows:

"Media Center PCs are complete desktop PCs equipped with hardware and software to deliver advanced computing and rich digital entertainment experiences. Media Center PCs include mid- to high-end processors, high-capacity hard drives, CD-ROM and DVD drives, and a remote control. The systems feature advanced graphics and audio capabilities, as well as networking connectivity."

In terms of what my survey showed me, this is what that specification means in more concrete terms:

1.8 GHz Pentium P4 processor or higher (some over 3 GHz)

256 MB RAM (many with 512 MB or higher)

40 GB hard disk (usually high-speed ATA, many drives 100 GB or larger)

5.1- or 6-channel audio capabilities, many with speakers (some with separate woofers)

High-end graphics adapter with built-in TV tuner (some with FM radio, many with TV and DVI outputs)

Some kind of audio output for home entertainment hookup (analog or digital only in some cases, both kinds in others) along with a high-end audio adapter

Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) that use the hard drive, TV connection, and software to enable recording and playback of TV signals

Support for infrared remote devices, including a Microsoft-mandated remote control, plus keyboard and mouse (often wireless)

Various forms of digital video handling, with universal DVD playback capability (many included DVD burners as a standard option on such systems)