Media Creation tool won't load past startup..It will not go to setup screen help?


Oct 24, 2016
I enter bios on an Hp destop windows 7 and during upgrade something happened and it crashed during update. It will not resume download. I have a the microsoft windows 10 media creation tool, when i try to start pc it boots in windows 10 but wont go past that. I downloaded MCT and did everything like the steps you provided. it has the Uefi and legacy listed in boot menu. I have tried all and it lists my USB under legacy then sata1 below that it has my usb name. i select it and it loads asks 64bit or 32bit. it is a 64 so i select it and it loads goes to windows 10 screen spins and then goes to just a blue windows 10 screen just like when it ask to setup.. but no setup box appears. what can i do? second question does the install of MCT on this pc i am trying to fix has to have an internet connection to work? please help