Question media disconnected/ no cable detected

Dec 6, 2022
hi. i have a weird problem that my pc which wasn't used for ~2 months( no gpu) suddenly can't connect to network via ethernet cable. i did the ipconfig/all and it shows media disconnected and when i tried to run windows troubleshooter then widows don't see ethernet cable. and i know the cable is working since it works on my laptop.

i tried-
reinstal windows 10 pro x3
reset router x3
did probably most of the internet sugestions like reseting network, updating drivers, cmd commands, non have worked
i did bought usb to ethernet adapter and it shows in device manager like the one build in my motherboard with no problems and i did uninstall them( didn't worked)
updating bios to the newest and earlier one

i don't think there's a problem with my router since my laptop and phone work fine both on wifi and cable and it shows them on router website but when i plug in the pc it just dont see it. and i can see the ethernet port light sometimes flashing red and orange

please if you have any suggestions i would be grateful and have a nice day :)

Ryzen 5 5500
Asus crosshair hero VI
HP RTX 2080
16gb ddr4 corsair
Rm 850