Question media server help

Jan 26, 2020
right here goes … i am currently using a NAS540 as my storage for my plex server but i am pricing up the components to build my very own server pc . i currently have roughly 10 friends on my server and at any given time usually no more than 5 1080p films being played at once , i do have a watchable 4k section aswell which i want to add a lot more content to!
what i need off you guys (especially the clever ones :D) is some info on whats the best way to set up the components to get the best playback.
i have a msi z270 xpower gaming titanium motherboard spare that is going to be used with a i7 7700 3.6 ghz processor on it and also the cpu has a corsair hydro series h100 cooler on it with 16gb ( 2 x 8) ddr4 corsair vengence memory. the case i am buying is the fractal design r6 specifically for the reason you can mount 11 hdds in it . I already have 4 x 4tb seagate ironwolf nas hdd and I have bought another 4 taking the total possible storage to 32tb . the psu will be a corsair rm850x and I have also bought 2 xsamsung 970 evo plus m.2 ssd drives.
what I need off you guys is a little input on how you would set up the system to run ? I.e what raid array to use or another way to set up the hdds if there is one , anything i can do to help it run smoother like maybe having one m.2 solely for transcoding etc etc ..
the board itself does support lan teaming which I dont know a lot about but from what I have read I think I could use and also if I do go down the raid route and windows failed which will be installed on one of the m.2 ssd then would this effect the raid setup ? or could I just re install windows and it not effect it all ?

thanks in advance for any help ! it is all welcome good or bad :D