Medion Home PC Cut Corners - Am I safe to upgrade ?



I have been asked to upgrade a friends Medion MT7 computer which is based around a socket 775 MSI MS-7725 motherboard with 512mb ram and a Celeron 3.4ghz processor.

Motherboard spec:

After reading up on the motherboard I purchased a Core 2 Duo 1.8ghz cpu, 1gb ram and an ATI HD3450 graphics card. When I came to fit these items I realised the the psu fitted only had a 20pin power connector instead of a 24pin !!!

Talk about cutting corners on Medions part!

So this is where I need a little advice, would this psu (FSP350 60MDN 350wt 20pin and 4pin power connected) be fine with the ms-7725, core 2 duo cpu, 1gb ram and a HD3450 graphics card or will a new psu be required?

I know I should purchase a new psu but my friends on a budget and doesnt want to purchase a cheap noisy psu, the fsp is very quiet.

Thanks in advance

best thing you can do it just fit the parts you have. The lack of a 24pin connector isn't going to break you system. It may cause stability issues in which case you will then have to go buy a new PSU.