Meizu MX4 Pro May Give New Life To Ubuntu Touch

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Andrew Craucamp

Oct 8, 2014
I'd like to quell some misconceptions.
The sole purpose of the Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign was to gauge interest levels at that very early stage of Ubuntu Touch's life. $12.8 million is certainly nothing to be scoffed at.

"Ubuntu Touch hasn't been nearly as successful [as Firefox OS in gaining OEM partners]". It has been confirmed time and again by Canonical employees that Ubuntu Touch has very strong support from OEMs. The delay is being caused by Canonical themselves because they want initial Ubuntu Touch impressions to be as close to flawless as possible. They have openly stated time and again that the first devices by Meizu and bq will be enthusiast devices, built primarily for developers and tech savvy people in order to build up the platform before they start mass production.

As far as apps are concerned, Ubuntu Touch is the first platform that properly respects web apps, Out of the box Ubuntu Touch will have more apps than both Android and iOS. Still native apps are always nicer than web apps and they're giving developers the time they need to build those native apps.


4GB on a 32bits device is perfectly fine: on a PC, the 32bits memory space is full of holes due to external devices mapping their own RAM in system memory and the GPU is usually the biggest culprit at 256MB-1GB but in an SoC, most of those subsystems use system RAM instead of having their own so nowhere near as much address space goes to waste. Individual apps may only be able to see 2-3GB but the system should be able to use close to the full 4GB.
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