Apr 3, 2012
I am Vikram singh From India. I am student.
and keen to know what is the process of establish malting hard drives factory. Because i am looking for developing this business in my town. could you please help me for giving information about the same along with what will be the cost.

Vikram Singh
if your asking about building computer hard drive that go into a pc your looking at a lot of money and about 2-3 years for a company like wd to open a factory. the cost is simple the building must be a very good clean room...dust and human skin or a finger print can damage a hard drive platter and read heads. there also time and cost in training people how to assemble product. as you have web accesse i would look at wb and seagate main web page and contact the office that near you. wd and other vendors may be looking at making sub plants in other parts of the world do the the flooding that took out most of wd hard drive making ability.