MemIO/ Shader Temps too high after fan replacement 5870


Apr 6, 2006
Hello all, I am having a horrible time with this. I have a 5870 whos fan gave out. I order another, installed it, and notice my temperatures were insane. If i recall they were around 60c for the gpu itself, 90ish c for the memIO and about 130 for the Shader as reported by HWiNFO64.

So i took it apart once more and notice some of the termal pads were basically dried up and 'sandlike', so i order some. the set was a set of 1.0mm, 1.5, and 2.0mm. I removed all the old pads, placed all the new ones after cleaning with acetone, fired it up, and now My temps sit at gpu ~60 (fine) MemIO 133c and my shaders at 104c. The temperatures kindof reversed.

SO I guess what i want to know is WHERE these temperatures are physically being detected from. I assume MEMIO is simply the memory that surrounds the gpu and the sharders are another name for something else (vrm maybe???) I dont know.

All i know is this is a horrible pain in the ass and wondered if there were any other suggestions. Should i burn it in at 130 for a bit? ( don't want to do that) or maybe just keep it idleing at (32c gpu, 47c memio, and 38c shader) for a while before running games.