Oct 6, 2010
My mum just called and said she can't find the software for her memory card reader she has windows vista. When she puts a sd card in nothing happens. I am going round tomorrow I thought Vista would of found it as soon as you inserted the card. Any Ideas ? Is there any software I can download she think she delted the icon of her desktop.

Normally the card reader will be hooked up to an internal USB port and there is no software needed for the system to find it -- when you go into My Computer you should see several Removable Disk (X: ) listed that correlate to each of the slots on the card reader (one for each slot on the multi card reader) and when you insert the SD it should then (if autoplay is enabled) pop up the autoplay window that asks what you want to do (ie. Import Pictures, View Pictures, Open Folder to view files, etc.) --- If the auto play does not come up then you can right click on the corresponding drive letter in my computer to bring up selections as well.

FOr Example on my system the SD slot is drive I: shown in the pic with a 2GB. SD inserted :


If it is not working properly it could be that the wire connecting it to the internal USB connection came loose so check the connections also.