Question Memory compatibility with MSI X370 krait gaming


Jan 23, 2018
I am building a new pc because i own an old fx 6350, 32gb, rx 580 and thermaltake 700w. I think it has worked quite good but i need something more powerful.

I am an amd fan and would like to stay in this path.

I recently bought a used MSI X370 Krait Gaming that i found on ebay. The seller said he flashed bios with last update so it can use 3d gen cpu, so i plan to buy a ryzen 7 3700x and add a nice water rbg cooler.

I am having issues finding memory that works on this mobo. I have the list of compatible ram for this motherboard but i would like to get a RGB 16gbx4, but dont know if its compatible.
I am a casual gamer but mostly music production. I know 16gb or even 32gb are enough but i still want to get 64gb of ram (4*16gb) if possible

X370 ram compatibility

Can anyone recommend me any good ram that fits my needs and also if possible that has some leds on it
It's questionable how 'up to date' the QVL is maintained for older motherboards, especially with a processor it was not exactly designed for. I'd just look for memory that's known good with Ryzen 3000 CPU's. With an up-to-date AGESA you could probably get 3200, and likely even up to 3600, with 2 sticks. But going to 4 sticks won't let you get such high clocks so you might be limited to 2400-2933 range.

In the end I'm pretty sure you'll have to settle for what it gives you.
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