Question Memory Die Comparison (B-die, E-die, A-die)

Jul 21, 2018
Hello and thank you for coming across this thread. I've been trying to get into memory overclocking a lot more and been watching a lot of Buildzoid's (Accutaly Hardcore Overclocking) videos and he continues to make references to different types of die. Now I know what that means, but what I do not know how each "die" stacks up against each other. For example, I know that B-die is generally considered to be some of the best, however, E-die can withstand higher amounts of voltages. Details like that I am very interested in knowing. I am planning on dice overclocking soon and would love to know how to overclock a-die specifically (but of course I'm curious to know what are the main differences between all the Micron dies, Hynix dies, and of course Samsung dies.) That would be great if you would help out. Thanks!
Following this thread, as I'm interested in more info too.

Not 100% sure if there's fundamental differences between one vs another in terms of manufacturing, or if it's similar to CPU manufacturing and the specific location on a given wafer.

AFAIK, there's differing benefits to each 'die' of varying importance (clocks at a given voltage, voltage tolerance etc), but as far as detailed specifics, I'm not sure.