Question Memory ERROR for 3200mhz

Nov 19, 2019
I recently boght a new setup with a x570 Aorus Elite - Ryzen 7 3800x - 2x16gb HyperX Predator 3200mhz. But as standart, the memory boots as 2400mhz and when i set the profile of XMP to be 3200mhz, my PC crashes, giving me the blue screen acusing Memory Management. I now have a RTX 2080 that goes 100% usage on Final Fantasy XV (but my old GTX 1070 never achieved that playing this game) and it crashes the game if i set the frequency to 3200mhz (it does'nt crash at 2400mhz) and idk if its from my new setup or its just the GPU. Right now, i'm using the second profile of the XMP that sets the frequency to 3000mhz and i already tested the game and i didn't crashed. So, how the hell can i play stable using 3200mhz?! Every driver is up do date, every windows update, my BIOS is the F11 version from december, i really don't know what to do now.


Overclocking, by definition is working outside the guaranteed limits of the system. Your memory might be advertised as 3200mhz but that's just the memory. That advertised speed doesn't mean it will work in all systems at that speed. It just means it is sometimes capable of reaching that speed.

Apparently, yours won't although it will reach 3000 mhz which is another overclocked setting.

Other than benchmarking you probably won't be able to tell the difference.