Apr 14, 2010
If i put anything in the RAM slots 2 and 4 then my PC doesn't boots.

When if put the RAM in slot 1 and 3 then my system is on for few minuets but when i play a game or watch a video then i get blue screen.

I checked my RAM on my friends PC but they work fine there.

I cannot figure out what the problem is and how to solve it.

My build is AMD Phenom2 3.4Ghz, 2x2GB GSkill RAM, ATI 5870 Graphics.
What do you mean by "it works fine" on the friend's PC?

How long did you test it in the friend's PC? Just long enough to turn the computer on, load windows, and then turn it right back off?

My suggestion to you would be to download a program called MemTest86+ (make sure the + is in there) and then burn it to a CD at no faster than 8x write speed, and then put 1 stick of RAM in slot 1 on your computer and start with the CD in the drive.

It will run a RAM test that will take a pretty long time. There are 10 "passes" to be done and you want to let it get to at least 7. You can do this overnight if you need to, or while you are at work, or whatever. While you are at work is great if you come home for lunch and you can check on it.

If it comes up with errors for stick 1 in slot 1, then try stick 1 in slot 3 instead. If that comes up with errors then try stick 2 in slot 1 and 3.

Report back with the results as you get them.
What's the exact model of ram? What motherboard??

You should run in the slots your manual tells you to run in, which is likely 1 and 3.

Likely you have your timings and voltage set wrong in the bios, thus causing your problems.

I've built computers that won't even install windows with the wrong ram voltage.

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