Memory issues when OCing 5200+


Could overclocking my FSB decrease the speed of my memory? Without doing any significant changes to my software, it seems that i'm always running out of RAM... i have 2 GB. And yet its always near 98%. I went from a 200 mhz FSB to a 220 mhz while keeping my multiplier @ a constant 13x. HT link went from 800 mhz to 880 mhz.
Thanks for any help

AMD Athlon athlon 64 X2 5200+ @ 2862 MHz
Mobo: Gigabyte gigabyte M57SLI-S4 w/ nForce 570 SLI chipset
RAM: Mushkin PC2-6400 DDR2 ddr2 /800
OS: Vista 64bit


Dec 1, 2006
Seems like you're a bit confused.

1) AMD doesnt use FSB.

2) The CPU speed has nothing to do with memory utilization of your programs.

3) Vista is using that memory to pre-fetch your commonly used programs. It isn't really using 98% all the time.