Question Memory issues

Mar 17, 2020
So my pc for about 5 years had 16GB of ram and that did the job until recently my PC would cap out on ram showing 100% usage.

I did what most tech savvy pc builders would do I upgraded, I doubled it to 32GB, my motherboard supports 64GB the bios and everything shows that it does read the upgrade but now my PC won't go beyond 8GB or about 28-30%.
I did also search the motherboards tested ram to... but it's pretty dated.

I've checked the max usable ram limit it etc but nothing I do seems to free up the system hell I even did a clean install on a brand new hard drive upgrading to Windows 10 from 7 and still the problem is the same.

I know the ram is reading I even bought a sistetered 4 pack of ram to endure the ram would work together, so every chip is the same the system is reading it being there windows the bios everything agrees the voltage says it's there so what am I doing wrong so I get a bigger power supply?

I am not running two gpu or anything it's an old system board pretty new is only two years old, CPU is a fx3.8 8 core CPU it never runs at max the GPU is a nvivida 960 Ti 1GB.

I have 3 hard drives 2tb, 1tB 1 500gb that I'm probably going to dump into a partition on the larger drive so I can pull it.

Case is huge tons of air flow 10 fans all set up for maximum cooling and air flow my cpu runs are around 42c. I clean it regularly the ram is literally brand new but I've tried other sticks of ddr3 1600 to make sure it wasn't just the new sticks that where not working.

Please help.