Jan 17, 2001
I have a friend that gets a popup from windows xp that he needs more memory and I guess it has to allow more virtual memory. Could this be a memory leak from a program. He is not using anything out of site, maybe office 2000, counter spy ,word perfect. How can I find out why windows needs more memory all of a sudden. There had been no changes to the system but all of a sudden this problem crops up. Thanks Bruce
It's not uncommon. If you let Windows control the page file, it will eventually say it needs more space. The solution is to set the page file to at least 1.5 times the size of your system's RAM and Windows should never bother you to increase the size of your page file afterwards.


I would also press ctrl-alt-delete and see what programs are using a lot of memory. Could be some spyware or adware. Depending on your startup programs windows should only be using around 120 meg swap file after boot.