Question Memory management BSOD after computer has been on for a while ?

Jan 18, 2023

I am currently receiving a memory management BSOD after my computer is has been active for while (how long it ends up taking and what software is active when it happens is never consistent) and I've been working my way through every avenue I can find to fix it. I've tried running both chkdsk and sfc a couple times. Chkdsk did take a while fixing up my boot drive, but I still receive the BSOD afterwards, and subsequent runs of it don't seem to help, and sfc seems to think my drive is fine. I've run windows memory checker, but that reports that my RAM is fine, and I'm currently working on memtest86, will comment on this post if that gives me anything to work with. Taking out and replacing the RAM also doesn't seem to have done anything, and the RAM sticks themselves don't look visibly damaged. I've also tried reinstalling graphics drivers, which also hasn't helped. I've checked event logs but have a hard time understanding what I'm looking at, so that hasn't really given me much to work with.

Is there anything else I can do, short of resetting windows?