Memory Management BSOD then boots to Black Screen with Flashing Cursor

Nov 9, 2018
Hi there,

Real long shot as I know there are likely to be literally thousands of root causes for this but, here goes:

A few times over the last 6 months my computer has crashed, memory dump, then rebooted fine. This morning it booted to a memory management bsod after non use for about a week, then booted to a black screen with a white flashing cursor.

The last time it did this I assumed the master boot record was foobared and changed my boot disk and installed Win 7 again (which I had to rebuy...doh..and now it wont validate, but that's another story).

Booting from installation disc it then doesn't recognise the instal..upon second try worked fine and booted from disc. Ran Windows memory test which found no errors and just finished running SFC with again no issues...I'm assuming now it's either the RAM (2 of the 6 dimms are over 10 years old) or the mobo...again 10 years old :sarcastic:

Any ideas...can and will provide any further information to try and isolate and fix the issue, whilst my rig is old it isn't really pushed to it's limit so I'm loathed to bin it...

MSI X58Pro
Intel i7-920
NVidia GTX 960
Corsair 650w PSU (i think)

As I say, no comments about museum displays...I know it's old now..!