Memory/mb compatibility


Apr 20, 2007
X58 ideally works with triple-channel memory so it's easiest to stick with triple-channel kits as ulysses stated above.

However, X58 can also run in dual channel mode with negligible performance hit.

So, as long as you get DDR3 RAM rated at no higher than 1.65v it will work in your X58 motherboard.

Another point is that multiple-channel memory isn't as delicate as it used to be, so as long as you keep your memory the same speed, voltage and timings you can get multiple dual-channel kits running in triple channel.

For example I've been using Patriot Sector 5 Viper II RAM in triple channel - it only comes in 4GB dual-channel kits (2 x 2GB sticks) but I have 3 of them for 12GB (6 x 2GB sticks) and triple-channel is running fine.

The thing to remember above all else is your RAM is rated 1.65v or less.