Memory Monitory Question


Jun 26, 2011

i read in a book that in the Task Manger window, under Physical Memory, that if Free memory was very low and the cached was very high compared to the amount listed under Total, it would be a concern. So i checked and noticed the following:

Physical Memory(MB)

Total: 3065
Cached: 2196
Free: 32

What does this mean and what would i need to be concerned about?

You should not only have 32mb free out of 3gig unless you where running a ton of programs when you checked this. Right now with a couple of apps open I have almost 2gig free out of 3, and 1.7 gig cached.

What you want to check for, is that your total Commit Charge stays under your Physical Memory amount, look for the Peak in Commit Charge. That is the total physical and virtual memory that the system uses. If that Peak is over your physical RAM, the system will use the hard-drive page file more, slowing the system.