Memory on my internal HD is showing that it is full, and i can\'t access my C: d


Nov 23, 2011
Having issues with my computer. Getting frustrated with the error messeges telling me that Window doesn't recognize my hard drive. I am unable to move any files to or from it with out getting an error messege saying C: Parameters aren't accurate and/or that I don't have appropriate permissions to access it. Ive tried just about everything that I know and still nothing happens when i try to restore or backup. I have only had my laptop about a month and it appears i have no memory left on the HD either. What can I do?
There is no way that a new laptop would have a full hard-drive unless you immediately moved a ton of files over to it. But then again, any laptop now would not have Vista unless you posted in the wrong section. Is this a used one you got? If you open My Computer, right-click on the hard-drive, what does it tell you for space usage?

Did anything else happen before this started? You can try to do a Windows System Restore